Johnny Manziel In Questionable “Money Rolling” Picture In Bathroom

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What’s Johnny doing rolling up that hundred dollar bill in a club bathroom? I don’t even want to guess.

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  • BryanLoberg

    Oh no. He knows he gets tested right? Wait, does he get tested?

    • rustedramblings

      The NFL tests once a year for illegal substances like cocaine.

  • Topher Kopchak

    Can’t tell for sure but that’s stupid to be seen doing anything like this

  • Anonymous

    A long time ago I used to like to party like that and I was at the grocery store buying something so when I go to pay I pull my money out of my pocket and realize it’s rolled up, so I unroll it in front of the cashier and when she hands me my money back I take the bills she gave me as change and roll them up like that’s how I keep my money and put it in my pocket. I felt like such an ass! LOL!

  • BUST.

    He’s a cokehead.

  • Oliver

    I mean honestly, what possible reason would anyone roll up a dollar…?

    I bet it wasn’t coke though, I’m sure he was only snorting prescription pills like every teenager in this country already does since prescription pills are the #1 most abused drug in America. But no worries guys, thankfully that’s all legal*

    “That’s my quarterback” – *T.O. crying voice*

  • Guest

    There’s a white line in the other mirror.

  • Rick

    I’m sure a ton of players in the NFL use cocaine. Coke is a drug that comes out of your system within a few days. So there is a much lower risk of failing a test for it. Marijuana stays in your system for a much lengthier period of time.

  • BryGuy

    We all know he is making more money then most of us. So, my question is why is he using a $20 bill when he could be using $100 bills. If he is going to be a baller then mind as act like one.

    • Justine

      This is the best comment I’ve read so far !

  • Chris

    Maybe slipping the annoying bathroom attendant in douchebag clubs a fat tip? Every guy knows about the attendant at the strip club or any club this dude isn’t going to do blow with all this attention in public. Get real people, talk about it after the season starts and he puts his arm where his money is…